About us

Atelier Insurance Pvt Ltd is India's leading Insurance direct broker company located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Our company is associated with many insurance companies and we help our customers to select the best suitable insurance policy. With this digital platform our aim is to connect with the entire Pan India Audience including villages.In today's time the information about insurance policies is limited to metro cities only, whereas our aim is to spread this useful information among the rural areas too. Our most important protocol is customer satisfaction. We understand the requirements of our customers very well and it is our endeavor to help our customers in selecting the right policy and we are always ready to solve their problems. Our aim is not to sell insurance policies, rather we want to provide maximum benefits of insurance policies to our customers.

How will we reach our targeted audience?

Digital marketing is the best method to reach the audience of metro cities but if you want to cover rural areas as well then you will have to add a few more sub-strategies to make it happen. We will set up multiple branches to directly connect with the customers in rural areas and also a team of POSP(Point of a salesperson) will be appointed.

Customer Relationship

As we said earlier, our main goal is customer satisfaction. We provide more personalized service to our customers by giving them fair advice about different insurance policies. Even at the time of claim, we provide the best consultancy to our customers. In this way we act as a medium between the insurance company and our customers.Although we have written in detail about all the insurance policies on our portal, but still if the customers have any doubts then our support team is always ready to help 24/7.