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What can we understand as Car Insurance?

Car Insurance is the type of insurance which is used to provide the car's safety against damage or body scratches resulting from traffic collisions. It covers so many things, But mainly it covers you and your car from damage and theft. The number of assets which you can cover under the car insurance policy depends on the type of plan that you have selected.

Having a Car Insurance worth it or not?

Yes, it is definitely worth having car insurance, especially if you are driving a car as your main mode of daily transportation.
Car insurance gives you the bliss that you are covered financially, if you ever find yourself in a vehicular accident, because you never know what might happen while you're on the road, It does not matter how correctly you are driving. It is mandatory as well as necessary to have car insurance because it enables someone to be financially able to compensate another for their legal liabilities for bodily injury or property loss.

Types of Car Insurance

There are three types of Car Insurance in India as per below-

Third party insurance

This is the most basic type of car insurance you can buy. It provides shelter to third-party individuals who are damaged by an accident caused because of you.It will compensate for the damages and injuries of these parties only,And it will not provide any compensation for own damages or losses occurred in your car.The only compensation it provides the policy holder is through personal accident cover. This covers partial / total disabilities, permanent as well as temporary disabilities that occur in an accident.

Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive plans include third party cover and also cover damages that occur to your vehicle, therefore, damages or total loss occurring from an accident, theft, natural and man- made calamities is covered by comprehensive car insurance.

Long term insurance

You can get both third party and comprehensive insurance in long- term warrants.This assures you get several years of protection at a present-day rate, thereby preserving you from any future cost increase.

How to reduce Car insurance premiums?

There are various ways to decrease your Car Insurance premiums. Here are some of the most popular ones-

  • Raising your deductibles - The deductible component of a car insurance plan is the sum of money that we have to pay. With the uplift of this component you can effectively lower-down your car insurance premium payments since the liability of the insurer goes down.
  • Refrain from making small claims - Your car insurance premium will only get higher with every claim that you make. So do not lodge a claim unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Install safety aids- Installation of approved safety equipment and anti- theft aids such as an alarm system, steering-lock, and gear-lock can also help you to lower down the premiums.
  • Transfer your no claim bonus (NCB) - contrary to popular opinion the no claim bonus offered by insurance providers is not linked to the car but to the individual. So, if you have accumulated NCB in your old car, make sure to transfer the same to your new car to avail a discount on the car insurance premium.
How to select your Car Insurance Company?

Below are the key points to select a Car Insurance Plan-

  • Claim processing method (Cashless / Reimbursement)
  • Time is taken to settle the claim (number of days)
  • Number of cashless garages
  • Number of tie-up vehicle manufactures