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What is Health Insurance ?

When you buy a Health Insurance plan, then your Insurance company is bound to pay some part of your medical expenses during health illness. It can be considered as the most valuable insurance that you can have as it provides a cover-shield against the medical expenses. The advantage is that at the time of illness you will not get hit with an enormous bill.

Why is Health Insurance Important for everyone?

Health insurance is a must in India. Sometimes the hospital bills are so high, and it becomes a burden for an individual to cover up the medical bills of his family alone. In other words Health insurance is more important because nobody plans to fall ill, but illness can strike anybody, and it may affect your savings badly. Apart from this, health insurance is also helpful in tax saving.

What are the essential points to compare Health Insurance Plans?

Remember the following points while choosing a health insurance plan:-

  • First of all compare the premiums of different companies.
  • Choose the coverage amount smartly.
  • Check for the list of diseases which will get covered by the insurance company.
  • Select the insurer with a high claim settlement ratio.
  • Always check for the hospitals, which are in your target area.
  • Select the Insurance company which is offering an easy & faster claim process.
  • While doing health insurance comparisons, always check customer experience and reviews online.