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What do you understand by Travel insurance?

Travel insurance is just a way of getting cover from all the unsure things that might take place during your trip, like loss of luggage or passport, cancellation of flights, medical emergencies or personal accident, etc.. In this type of insurance a nominal premium amount will be charged depending on the country that you are visiting and the number of days in your trip.Insurers also offer customized travel insurance schemes for the benefits of the customers.

Types of Travel Insurance
Domestic Travel Insurance Plan

This type of travel insurance is specially designed for the travellers who are going to travel within the country. With having Domestic Travel Insurance you can protect your trip from medical emergencies, theft of baggage, flight cancellation or delays and even if any third party damages occurred during the trip.

International Travel Insurance Plan

When you are travelling internationally then it is very important to get International Travel Insurance. As it provides you cover for different unwanted losses or emergencies which may occur during the trip. This type of Insurance even covers you against the condition of flight hijack.

Medical Travel Insurance Plan

Medical Travel Insurance is designed to cover medical emergencies or healthcare related expenses during the trip. Different insurers may vary in providing a set of inclusions and exclusions within the policy.

Group Travel Insurance Plan

Group Travel Insurance helps when a team or group of employees are travelling abroad for any further business meetings or events. It can save a lot of money and also make it easier to protect a group of people against the different losses at the time of travelling.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan

This is a specific Travel Insurance Policy for elder aged travellers. It covers your elder family members from health-related risk factors, along with the baggage loss & flight delays or cancellations. You can select Senior Citizen Insurance for your parents as per their specific needs before travelling abroad.

What is the importance of Travel insurance?

If you are travelling with your family members whose health may fluctuate and maybe you should cancel the trip then at that time travelling insurance can save you a term of money. Travel insurance can cover your medical expenses if you are injured or become ill during the trip. This insurance can help you recover unexpected delays.Travel Insurance plays an important role to help you at the time of emergency, safeguarding you against any unforeseen circumstances during your travel. You can check from various travel insurance plans as per your travel requirements and concerns.While travelling abroad, overseas travel insurance is very useful and For older members of the family you can buy Senior citizen travel insurance.In this way there are numbers of insurance plans available.

How to compare Travel insurance Plan?

On the basis of travel benefits, medical benefits, optional benefits and customer services we can easily select the best suited Travel Insurance Plan.

What are the key benefits of Travel Insurance?

Following are the benefits of Travel insurance-

  • It provides you the protection against medical costs while travelling.
  • Having Travel Insurance can save you from various disruptions during the trip.
  • At the time of an emergency while travelling overseas it is very helpful.
  • You can reimburse for your losses and expenses.
  • Coverage for personal liability.
  • Travel related emergencies.