Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest advantage of taking insurance online is that you can compare insurance plans. In this, you can know all about the benefits of insurance like coverage, features, claim process and remuneration online. With this, the customer can easily know the advantages and disadvantages of insurance plans.

If you buy an insurance policy online and are facing any kind of doubts, then you can clear your doubts by filling the query on our website. Apart from this, you can contact our help and support team directly by phone or email.

If we buy the policy online, then it does not take much time for us, it will not take more than just 5 minutes. We have to follow only 2 steps in this. First, we have to submit our information and then secondly we have to pay a premium online.

Whether you buy the insurance policy online or by offline, in both the conditions the product details will remain the same while the online product will be slightly cheaper.

Buying insurance online is more secure than buying offline insurance because if you are buying insurance online, your money goes to the direct insurer, apart from this you get the accurate details of the insurance product from the website whereas in buying insurance offline there is a risk of financial fraud and The agent can also misguide you.

All the online insurance platforms are under the IRDAI guideline and it is completely secure to buy online insurance.

We are available 24/7 a day to help our customers and our motto is customer satisfaction and we are always giving the fast resolution of every query.

We take full care of the comfortability of our customers and appoint a dedicated Relationship Manager for each of our customers individually. It is our endeavor that our customer does not face any problem and our customer can take maximum advantage of online insurance policy.

Yes, our website is certified from IRDAI.

If you buy an insurance policy from our website then your payment reaches directly to the insurer and it is completely secure.

We have developed our website with the latest technology so that we can keep the personal data of our customers secure and safe. The privacy policy has also been drafted on our website.

Online cancellation of the policy is not directly possible. In this process, you have to drop an email to the concerned department and our team will support you in every step with proper guidance.

On our website you can directly find a specific page where all the terms and conditions are mentioned in detail.

We will directly send you soft copies of all the necessary documents to your mentioned email id.

On our website you can find detailed information about every insurance product which we are offering .Also, you can reach out to our customer support team to resolve your queries and doubts.